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What is it?  “The process of electroforming involves fusing copper onto another medium with low-voltage electricity and a chemical bath, and requires a sophisticated knowledge of how copper interacts with other materials.”

How do we do it?  Together they have let their love for animals blossom into an extensive line of unique copper and stone animals with an emphasis on turtles, although a variety of animals are represented.  They first off make their realistic original out of modeling clay.  After which a mold is made from the original, and then reproduced in a cast resin armature. The piece is then reassembled and combined with many pieces of irregularly shaped polished stones, or combined with slumped art glass.  Then, through a very unique process of electroforming, the piece is completely encased in copper leaving the stone/glass in an almost mosaic type accents.  The piece is then oxidized, polished, and sealed with three coats of lacquer. Each piece takes several days to complete. The results are realistic sculptures, with each one having subtle differences that make them all one of a kind pieces. They are reasonably sturdy and can go outside. The lacquer coat keeps them from tarnishing. They have named each style of turtle and frog and look at each as an individual. Several work together well as groupings. For a serious critter collector they are a must.

Here you will find some of our most common critters available for sale. These are EXAMPLES of the styles and some of the various stone combinations. Please understand that all stone and glass has variations in shape, size, and color.  So the style that you order will be the same but the stone or look will vary. It's part of the uniqueness of each piece.  We have tried to use different pictures of the styles as examples. We do take request for styles and color combinations. That takes a phone call--just to make sure we are on the same page.  417-255-2405  A phone call is also a good idea to get an update of what we have immediately available.  Special orders take from 3-6 weeks--depending on our art fair schedule.

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