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Here are some examples of turtles we might have in stock or can make. Our old timers and the most popular.  We do a large number of styles, but they change monthly/yearly and it's hard to update during season. You will find a lot more pictures on Facebook on our page Copper Turtles--just go to photos.  I have NOT set up a way to order directly from this page. Sorry--it will take a FB pm, phone call, or e-mail. But I enjoy meeting you over the phone.  I will work on online ordering this winter.  But again--phone calls are welcomed. 

If you already have adopted a turtle and want to add another feel free to e-mail or text (417-257-9040) a picture of what you have, think of price range, color, and land or sea. Then give us a call and we can figure it out. And keep checking back. I hope to be adding more here this winter. Thanks for visiting.  

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